Wale already dropped a sneaker that has been anticipated earlier this year.The Asics Gel Lyte III “Bottle Rocket” with Villa, but he’s dropping another one.

He took to Instagram and made a post basically saying that he is going to drop another sneaker on the way. Looking from his caption it sounds like the project will again be in partnership with Villa, although Wale clarifies that he doesn’t have a partnership with a specific sneaker brand, meaning that he’s allowed to work with anyone that’s interested.

Who know what sneaker he is going to drop, but make sure you stay tuned to Worldkickz for more news.


#moonz I’m happy to let yall know I’m doing my second major collab.. This the sample to the ski suit that will be available in the fall there will be several colorsways one (or2) of which My Ryder @mdollas11 will be designing .. There will be slight modifications but for the most part this is the #everybluemoon ski suit.. Inspired by DC fashion .. I will be releasing more info gradually . Super excited about this collab. Also going to. Be dropping ANOTHER sneaker very soon! Bottle rockets went so crazy many companies have been reaching out for the next wave .. RUvilla has been my righ hand and will continue , as i am not exclusive to ANY sneaker company.. I’m more so a hired gun.. That collabs wit who I’m feeling or who can see my vision through , wit that said I’m Looking forward to @mdollas11 and my sneaker collab 🔵🌙. I’m so focused right now! Everybluemoon.com will be where to find the ski suit They’ll sell out VERY fast stores who want Wholesale orders holla at @viewall or @musjuice !

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