Vic Mensa dropped his official music video for “U Mad” featuring Kanye West. Directed by Grant Singer, the video sees Vic and ‘Ye mobbing with their crew complete with flashing red lights and sparks flying. In addition to the video, Vic participated in Q&A with his fans on his Tumblr

How are you?
I’m excited. Blessed to be alive. Got a new song idea im gonna start. thank you for asking.

Should I quit university?
that really depends. school cant teach you everything, but there is great value to take from it. but as far as artistic pursuits you have to learn with elbow grease. kids are graduating from school with degrees working at starbucks. thats tough. i think whatever route you choose education is huge, the decision is just institutionalized or self motivated.

Is your sperm fizzy since you got electrocuted?
i got super powers from the experience. only downfall is electronics seem to malfunction on me.

Do you believe in God?
i do. i think god is what you make it. i believe that god is like the god particle, which is some molecule shit that is like a particle thats found in everything. basically saying that god is in everything around us; the air, the the water. i rap about god alot subconsciously. i just hate how man uses god as an excuse to perpetuate evil. i think religion has been one of the largest catalysts in negativity ever

w o l v e s
(Answer left blank)

Would you ever work with A$ap Rocky or Travi$ Scott?
shout out to A$AP Rocky he told me happy birthday i fuck with him for that lol. but i also really rock with his album and visuals pushing the boundaries and sonics of popular music.

What’s the inspiration behind your visuals?
i wanted to do something iconic that placed me as raw as possible on a canvas for myself to be the painting. thats why im on that red light with my shirt off, like primitive man.

Why did you leave the ‘h’ off of your last name for your stage name? like your real last name is ‘Mensah’, right? So why not Vic Mensah? its like one letter off, same pronunciation.
letters and proportions and shit mean everything to me. vic mensa is iller in appearance that vic mensah. its cool to separate this industry shit from real real life too. im real in all the shit i say. but this game is so crazy, theres so little filter, u gotta be able to have pieces of yourself TO yourself

Would you ever collab with kid cudi?
i fuckin love cudis music im really psyched for his new new.

Would you work with Skepta?
skep a real dude. i respect real niggas anywhere. its cool seeing how different places breed the same, but different, authentic people.

Do you believe one day humanity will be united? And what would have to happen for this to occur?
humanity is humanity. as far as we’ve come from caves we still retain so many of our intrinsic properties. we love, we deceive, we fight, we hate, we fuck, we change our minds, we protect our own. we want to live forever, we hate getting old. i think though, that in 50 years, when our generation is really in power i think the racial hate will be less. because we’ve grown up loving each other. i have brothers who are white mexican black. and i would die for them.

Will you ever work with Beyoncé in the future?? love you.
I REALLLLY WANT TO!! she said i should do a song with her she loves this song of mine called RAGE from traffic. probably the next single.

[Via Highsnobiety]