During the late ’90s and early 2000s, there weren’t many NBA players as polarizing as Allen Iverson. Fans loved his anti-establishment attitude, while critics went as far as to argue that he was ruining the game of basketball. As Reebok puts it, you “either had much love, or no love for Allen Iverson,” and the brand has the perfect shoe represent the opinion split.

Known as the “Misunderstood” Question Mid, this release sees Iverson’s first signature sneaker get covered in an all-over print made up of headlines and quotes from his heyday. At the medial side, the right shoe reads “Good,” while the left says “Bad,” a nod to the stigma that followed A.I. throughout his career.

The Reebok Question’s 20th anniversary continues with the release of this “Misunderstood” colorway on April 1 for $130 from retailers including Shoe Palace, Jimmy Jazz, Villa, and reebok.com.

[via complex]

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