A Florida teen’s friends tried to steal his sneakers, threatening to shoot him if he didn’t hand them over.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the victim was hanging outside his home on Aug. 6 in West Palm Beach, Fla., when some of his friends from high school arrived in a car. After he told his friends about his new Air Jordans, he went inside to grab them and show them off.

After the victim handed the shoes to his friends in the car, they refused to return them. The driver stepped on the gas, but the victim was able to hop in the car before it escaped. From there, police say the group threatened to shoot him if he didn’t surrender his sneakers and cell phone. They also tied a pillowcase over his head and beat him repeatedly.

Police have arrested Michael Kelly, above left, and Christopher Hernandez, above right, for the crime. Both are charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated battery. While Hernandez was released from the Palm Beach County Jail, Kelly is still there on $30,000 bail. A third man involved in the incident was interviewed by police but has not been charged.

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