Supreme and Nike is dropping a new collaborative edition of the iconic Nike SB GTS,“Great Tennis Shoe”.

The New York City skate brand announced today that the five sneakers would finally be seen at retail, and the selection of the GTS, the “Great Tennis Shoe,” was by no accident. It actually has a rich skate history, just like Supreme. The Nike GTS features a herringbone cotton canvas upper in black, white, yellow, red and also the new denim edition.

The $88 Supreme x Nike GTS is set to hit locations in NY, LA, London and online on July 16, while Japan will see a release on July 18.



supreme-x-nike-gts-9  supreme-x-nike-gts-5 supreme-x-nike-gts-8 supreme-x-nike-gts-7 supreme-x-nike-gts-6  supreme-x-nike-gts-4 supreme-x-nike-gts-2

supreme-x-nike-gts-10 supreme-x-nike-gts-11