Showing just how much can change in the year, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry enters this season as the reigning NBA MVP, a world champion and with a 9-year Under Armour contract extension. On Oct. 24, his second signature shoe, the Under Armour Curry Two, will officially make its way to stores. Ahead of the launch, Dick’s Sporting Goods caught up with Curry to find out what he looks for the most in a signature sneaker.

DSG: Obviously a basketball player’s most important accessory is his/her shoe: What’s your #1 requirement for a basketball shoe? Weight? Support? Why?
Curry: For me, it’s a combination of all those factors. I want shoes that aren’t too heavy so I can move around easily and quickly but ones that also give good support, since I don’t want to risk any injuries to my ankles or feet.

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