Late last week, Rihanna announced that her debut collection with Stance Socks was dropping today, Sept. 9. Now, the BadGal has unveiled her first collection with the company since being named contributing creative director.

The new collection of socks from Rihanna and Stance includes the newspaper-style design that was initially teased back when this partnership was announced, as well as several other prints. There’s a pair emblazoned with piles of money, ghoulish socks printed with cartoon bats and claws, a toe-sock with phrases like “Broke Bitch” and “Bitch What,” and the most toned down of the bunch features contrasting candy stripes.

The standout socks are meant to represent Rihanna’s own incredibly unique style. “When you’re the music industry’s reigning Original Bad Gal, everybody wants a piece,” the product’s copy reads. Adding that these collaborative socks come “from the mind of a muse who knows what it means to call the shots.”

Shop the collection from Rihanna and Stance on  the latter’s website now.

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