Phoenix Suns’ small forward PJ Tucker made headlines last week when he laced up a pair of “Pure Platinum” Nike Air Yeezy 2s, and now he’s back again with another pair of Kanye West’s sneakers. For last nights game vs. the Los Angeles Lakers, Tucker took it back to the Air Yeezy 1s in the “Zen Grey” colorway.

Tucker took to Instagram before the game to hint that he was wearing these, and also to address the “sneakerheads” who criticized him for playing in such a rare pair last week. “You so called “sneaker heads” kill me.. Why he wear yeezys in a game why this why that.. Because I feel like,” he said. Most people wouldn’t dare play in these, but you have to respect him for having fun with his sneaker game. 

No word on whether these will be auctioned off for charity, too.

[via complex]