October’s Very Own is dropping their new collection for Summer 2015. Becoming more of a lifestyle brand & has a couple fresh tees with OVO logo,track jackets, a couple of caps and one that says “Woes” on it which we know for a fact is selling out. So make sure to check the collection below and cop some OVO for this summer.

Take a look at the full offerings here

DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-11 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-10 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-09 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-08 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-07 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-06 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-05 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-04 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-03 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-02 DONNIE-LOOKBOOK-BLOG-01ghts of the drop include a duo of tote bags with embroidered owl iconography, a navy blue track jacket with athletic stripes, and of course the white “Woes” cap, which is sure to sell out before you can say “you know how that shit go” 6 times fast.

Take a look at the full offerings here and make sure to check out the OVO Spring 2015 collection.