October 21, 2015. That’s the date that Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly traveled through time in Back To The Future Part 2 and donned the Nike MAG.

Rumors have been swirling all year that the shoes would return for 2015, and many have pegged the unofficial “Back to the Future” day as the release date. Nike has been tight-lipped ever since Tinker Hatfield confirmed that a power-lacing Nike MAG would release during All Star Weekend in 2014. But, that silence was broken tonight when Nike’s official Twitter account sent a tweet out to Marty McFly himself, which garnered an interesting response from Heidi Burgett, Nike’s PR director.

Also Multiple sources on Twitter have said that there’s a pair of the self-lacing Marty McFly shoes in NYC now.

Check out the conversation below, and keep it locked to Worldkickz for the latest information on the Nike MAG 2015.

[via solecollector]

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