Every year NBA 2K releases a cover of what superstar is going to be on it, making 2k fans psyched for the game and to play countless hours online and with their friends. Well NBA 2K16 just released the cover with superstars James Harden, Steph Curry, and Anthony Davis blessing the front.

This year is going to be a dope 2K game because Spike Lee is directing it & directed the MyCareer game section, which you play as a young athlete being a top high school player and go through all the decisions he has to make to make it.

Anthony Davis is mad excited for him being in the cover and stated

“I’m guessing every one of us grew up dreaming of the moment we’d be on the cover,”

“I’ve seen so many players I know head off and put on a suit with all those balls (for motion-capture duty); it looks so fun.”

No official release listed but will let you guys know so stay tuned.