In South London photographer Toufic Beyhum has been photographing young people at South London’s Brixton mosque & they have been rocking the latest sneakers. Most the young Muslims were converted so they have had knowledge of street culture so they are always looking to switch up their sneakers and rock the latest styles.
Amal, who is a real nike trainer fan stated. “I have over 60 pairs of trainers, “When I was younger, I always wanted to have the newest editions. Now I know lots of people who wear Muslim dress with trainers because they want to describe who they are.” She also said “When you’re talking to God, you have to look your best”, chips in Beyhum. “It’s more important than a job interview.”

To check out more the article on sneaker heads at the mosque just check out Dazed for more

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Photography by Toufic Beyhum