Its no secret, that sneaker culture has played a roll in music, which has influenced many a rapper to pay homage to their favorite Kicks. So with that being said, here are just a few joints that represent the love affair between your favorite rapper, and your favorite sneakers.

My Adidas – RUN DMC

Run-DMC At Montreux

Now the Adidas I possess for one man is rare
myself homeboy got 50 pair
got blue and black cause I like to chill
and yellow and green when it’s time to get ill
got a pair that I wear when I’m playin ball
with the heal inside make me 10 feet tall
my Adidas only bring good news
and they are not used as selling shoes
they’re black and white, white with black stripe
the ones I like to wear when I rock the mic


My Chucks – Mack 10



Air Force Ones – Nelly feat Kyjuan, Ali, and Murphy Lee


I like the all white high top strap with the gum bottom
(Big boy) there’s something bout them that’s dirty why I got ’em
(Big boy) I leave um strapped and laced and come up out um
(Big Boy) the last person that touched ’em I been shot ’em (big boy)
Now if you looked, and seen lime green forces and kiwi
(Big boy) you couldn’t get this color if you had a personal genie
(Big boy) you now I keep it hip-hop, my niggas flip flop
(Big boy) yea my force ones and tip top
(Me) now form a flip flop, (big boy)


Sneakers – Raekwon


Ayo , ayo
Who wear it all I’m an Adidas freak
Multi thousand pair of sneak freak
Real fly physique that’ll look yea , fat watch , live footwear
Have the white folks displaying my gear
C’mon son let’s keep it movin right footwear , check out my book yea

Vans – The pack


Got my Vans on, finna out walk out the door
Put five on the grapes so you know I’m gon’ blow
Got the new pack shoe, bought it right out the door
Holla at the dope girls, dope boys all GO…
Man, if you really tight, then you gotta get Vans
See me in the club, bitch I’mma grown man


Air Forces – Young Jeezy


I went from old school Chevy’s to drop top porches
You couldn’t walk a mile off in my Air Forces
And you ain’t seen what I’ve seen
I can get a 100,000 in these Sean John jeans
I went from old school Chevy’s to drop top porches
And you ain’t did what I did
If you from where I’m from you gotta get how you live

Nike Boots – Wale


Im just doin’ what I gotta’ do flyin’ with the rest of em’ still got my Nike Boots
flyin’ with the rest of em X5
still got my nike Boots
South side what up
Uptown What up
B&g what up
The revolution will proceed
unification of the dmv I will achieve indeed


Tip Toe Wing In My Jawdens – Riff Raff


Tip-toeing in my Jordans
I done came down
Tip-toeing in my Jordans
Just copped a Porsche
Tip-toeing in my foreign
You motherfuckers borin’
You sleeping on me, snorin’
Don’t worry, cause I’m…