MISHKA and Mighty Healthy go head to head in their collaborative collection. Inspired by competition, the drop is themed around the spirit of competition and how it “elevates and one’s greatness is defined by their adversary.” Aptly named “Mighty Healthy vs. MISHKA,” the range includes a variety of T-shirts, hats, hoodies and more. All artwork is done by Lamour Supreme with his brand of vivid cartoons and illustrations. Head over to both MISHKA and Mighty Healthyto cop.

[via hypebeast]mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-1 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-2 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-3 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-4 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-5 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-6 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-7 mishka-mighty-healthy-lookbook-8