Sneaker collector Mayor don’t play when it comes to sneakers & of course conversing with sneaker designers. Mayor sitting down with  Sneaker Watch explained to them how he was helping Nike with letting them actually borrow some Air Maxes from his own collection for Air Max Day. He tells us how many pairs he took to California and how he told Nike that he had to be there due to the fact that his pairs were going and Mayor joking and texting nike telling them with first class tickets and a hotel at Beverly Hills.

Well he ended up conversing with The Architecht himself Tinker Hatfield &  stated “I told him, I was like… ‘You’re my number two, Bruce Kilgore is my hero, but you’re a close number two.'” According to Mayor, Tinker simply laughed it off, which goes to show that Mayor is mad “real” check out the interview video above to hear Mayor’s story

[via Sneakerwatch/Youtube]