We’ve got to keep it 100: anyone who’s dropping a Reebok Ventilator collab at this juncture has their work cut out for themselves. As the retro model celebrates its 25th anniversary, we’ve already seen a ton ofoutstanding collaborations that will be hard to top, much less follow. Still, Barcelona’s LimitEDitions has managed to not only take up the task, but also churn out one of the year’s very best Ventilators, period.

Known as the “Sulphur” edition, this collab is apparently inspired by the chemical makeup of the Ventilator’s rubber outsole, which, if you remember the store’s quirky “Castellars” Diadora collab, is the sort of unique storytelling that LimitEDitions is known for. The brown-and-green blocking comes from the sulfur (the traditional U.S. spelling) mines found in Hakone, Japan and makes for a perfect fall color scheme.

Hopefully you’re still with is, because the other thing you should know is that this collaboration drops on October 10 exclusively from LimitEDitions and select Reebok Certified Network retailers.


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