Sole Collector just recently spoke with spelling bee champ and sneakerhead Gokul Venkatachalam following his co-champion finish at the 88th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee.He spoke to them that he received a very special package from his favorite NBA player LeBron James. Think he is lying? he’s not, we know that Lebron is his favorite player because Gokul wore a LeBron James jersey under his shirt during the National Spelling Bee. Well after heading back home to St. Louis, Gokul received two boxes of kicks. One, from the LeBron James Family Foundation,which had a pair of LeBron’s Nike LeBron 11 Elite player exclusives. The other, from the Cleveland Cavaliers,which had a pair of the LeBron 12 “All Star” signed by LeBron with the special message: “Congrats on being spelling ‘B’ champ.”  An awesome gift to a champion from a champion.

lebron-11-elite-exclusive-gokul via Gokul Venkatachalam