Publish Brand revisits the seditionaries movement of the first wave punk scene with a special five-piece capsule collection in collaboration with multi-discipline creative Josh Madden. Creative directed by Madden himself, the range of apparel include the “Featherweight Black Trench Coat,” a slim-fitted silhouette made of nylon that features a reinforced collar, “The Sid,” a white distressed button-down work shirt, a reversible, oversized sweat top, and a set of inside-out fleece tops. The collection also embraces a DIY approach to apparel and comes with a 3-pin set to encourage a custom pin and patchwork aesthetic for each wearer to style themselves.

You can shop the Josh Madden x Publish Brand collection now online as well as at Commonwealth DC at a price range of $20-90 USD.

josh-madden-x-publish-brand-2015-fall-winter-the-worlds-end-capsule-collection-5 josh-madden-x-publish-brand-2015-fall-winter-the-worlds-end-capsule-collection-4 josh-madden-x-publish-brand-2015-fall-winter-the-worlds-end-capsule-collection-3 josh-madden-x-publish-brand-2015-fall-winter-the-worlds-end-capsule-collection-2 josh-madden-x-publish-brand-2015-fall-winter-the-worlds-end-capsule-collection-1