The brand renovated the Michael Jordan Gymnasium at Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C., where Michael played during his youth. The lobby now features more Air Jordan artifacts, some of which are there permanently and some of which will leave after this week’s Annual Fred Lynch Invitational basketball tournament. Also the Jordan Brand experience set up there has a player’s lounge and is offering free haircuts to athletes at the school for the Jordan Brand experience .The athletes also will have access to brand new pairs of Jordans.

Coach Nathan Faulk said. “The kids that play here at Laney on the court get to play in the new Jordans, put them on, kinda like a trial, and then they turn those shoes in when they get back playing,” So they get to ball on brand new Jordans

This is a great & positive move that Jordan brand has done and should continue the great job that they are doing.

More on the Jordan getting renovated in the clip below.






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Image via J23app