You’d be pressed to find a bigger sneakerhead than Jared Cunningham in the NBA right now. Just one look at the new Cleveland Cavalier’s Instagram shows that his collection is much more than seeded pairs. But just how big that collection is may surprise you.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Cunningham revealed that he has more than 1,600 pairs stored in his LA condo and a storage unit, adding that he always tries to double up so he can have a pair to play in and another to keep on ice.

While he’s putting in around-the-clock work to keep progressing as a player, Cunningham still finds time to indulge in sneakerhead traditions, like lining up on Saturdays for new releases.

“I used to do it all the time,” said Cunningham of waiting in line for sneakers with no guarantee of getting a pair. “I’ll still go up there and hang out in the lines and stuff to hang out with some of the people.”

Cunningham singles out teammate LeBron James’ Nike Air Zoom Generation as his overall favorite sneaker and plans to play in at least one of his seven pairs this season. His favorite models to play in are the Nike Zoom LeBron 3, and the Air Jordan 11.

It’s not all about the older models for Cunningham — he has his eyes on the “Friday the 13th” Nike LeBron 13.

“(Those) are nice. I’m going to try and get a pair from one of his boys,” Cunningham said. “One of his boys wears the same size so I am trying to get them.”

Read Tony Cartagena’s full interview over at ESPN.

[via Solecollector]

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