After banning alcohol,cigarettes,& skinny jeans,Isis now wants to ban Nike products. Due to a leaflet issued in Raqqa saying that Nike sounds like a Arabic word for sexual intercourse. The leaflet had stated

27E4403400000578-3052055-image-m-4_1429786591237“O youth, beware of foreign words and symbols of infidels on our clothes,”  adding that the name of the sport brand was identical to the name of the Greek goddess of victory, which ISIS regards as pagan.

Also the leaflet warning jihadists  to not sell and buy anything Nike. Anyone who dares to break the rules will get a range of punishments from a small fine, a whooping & even imprisonment.

The leaflet also bans the wearing of clothes bearing inscriptions of swearing or any kind of sexually-suggestive phrases.

27E67CDC00000578-3052055-image-m-26_1429788121332It contains a long and detailed list of banned inscriptions in English and their Arabic translations for those who cant read English.

The leading ISIS member, Shaker Waheeb, also known as  Abu Waheeb, has appeared wearing Adidas and Nike sneakers.