Wieden+Kennedy’s recently opened art exhibit “Stitched” features macro-scale images of the newly released Nike Foamposite One “Sharpie” and Nike Zoom Penny VI pack, the first of their kind in product photography. Employing Gigapan technology originally developed to capture incredibly detailed high-definition images from space, the Portland-headquartered advertising agency tasked a small team of its designers to take nearly 5,000 separate images of the latest additions to the Penny Hardaway signature series to later stack, stitch, and retouch.stitched-exhibition-wiedenkennedy-portland-02

The resulting gigapixel image, one billion pixels in all, presents one of the most detailed photos of a sneaker ever taken and instantly translates seemingly microscopic aspects of a shoe to a macroscopic level.Conceptually, the exhibit clearly touches on the notion of something greater being made up of many smaller parts, of countless small moments constituting a big moment of tremendous significance, and of personal and professional legacy built upon a storied history of individual pieces of excellence and achievement.“Stitched” will be open to the public in Wieden + Kennedy’s ground floor gallery for the month of July.


224 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209

[Via HighSnobiety]

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