This past weekend everyone and their mom have been trying got get there hands on the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost. Jenkem Mag acquired them & did such a dope skate video of thrashing them. YES! Thrashing them by skating around NYC & eventually throwing them out.Why would would they do this?

Jenkem stated:

“To skate them of course! We made this clip to see what it felt like to shred a thousand dollars via kickflips. To make people remember that these are just shoes. And to make Hypebeasts who are putting them in gold cases feel just a little bit more stupid. So do all of us a favor and send this on to your friend that cares just a little too much about his “dope sneaker collection.”


So to everyone out there who missed out and got pissed off for not getting a pair check out the clip below to get more pissed off because that size 8 he’s wearing doing Wallies on the bus could have been your pair.

[Via Jenkem]

[Images via @LastSuspect]