Future Hendrix, has continued to not let anyone who doubted him determine the success of his future. He has been in the studio for a long amount of time, creating more music and captivating his fans hearts. He claims he is constantly finding different ways to reach people, and be an inspiration to people through his music.

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Future strategically premiered parts of his documentary “Like I Never Left”, every day this week leading up to the release of his newest album “DS2” (Dirty Sprite 2) which comes out at midnight. He talks about Drake as the only feature he has on the album, and that initially he wasn’t planning on having any features but Drake got his verse done the same night the album was ready to be released. He spoke on “The Breakfast Club” this morning to interview for his upcoming album, speak about drugs, his ex Ciara, and that he feels more like himself now than ever before. Be sure to check out the interview and his album to be released at midnight. {Via Complex Facebook}