Hello Totoi, thank you for taking your time to chat with WorldKickz today.


Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where are you from? What made you choose graphic design and illustration as a career?

Hello, My name is Totoi, I am a Mexican illustrator and graphic designer. I was born in the city of Merida, Yucatan. I chose design as a career naturally, was always like that type of child who was very introverted and shy to talk to people so I would draw and draw, always cartoons. When the time came to choose between different carrers I chose design which had a lot on development of logos and branding. I think it was more to know the whole picture of the career, but the gap to the illustration became narrower as for conferences or internet, I knew the work of Mexican illustrators, each with a different language and interesting point of view, technical and detail as well, while finishing the career and changing my residence to the city of Mexico was decisive help to start leaving the anime-manga style i had and directing it to something more personal and searching for that line factor that identifies me. I like to keep trying ideas or techniques also try contests to test my technique and meet nice people everywhere.cd3b0d10211381.560e13165bbdd


What inspires you to make designs with Sneaker theme?

I think next to my career, I had this passion for buying sneakers, I can not always buy the ones I like, but that act of going to the store, seeing the models, touching the materials and enjoying opening a new pair, I love it! Already being in Mexico City I began to remove the crutch / comic style and language that sought to give or take that path that identifies me so I started getting a taste for the kicks to my pieces, first Vectorized models I liked and then putting rear characters or elements of the laces or rings which the laces pass, and constancy fact that people turned to see me and knew who was the nose that had those elements.


Tell us a little about your creative process?

With the idea, I see which technic is the best to resolve the piece sometimes traditional other times digital. I do not like to be straight digital, if I start in digital without an idea in mind I will be turning around aimlessly. I think a good sketch is a big step for any piece.

For example if I start in traditional style with a sketch in small filthy then it is easier to position elements and sizes within the composition, from there I to make the piece larger, adjusting details as line quality. If it is in digital I begin to sketch by hand then jump to Photoshop, I make a top layer where I draw lines of my sketch and adding elements if they are very important and not in my initial sketch.With the line defined I will then start laying the groundwork colores as skin-colored clothes tennis-background, repeat doing an upper layer and there mark the shadows to finish with the last layer of lights. There are color palettes that I have in mind from the drawing or other experiments, from day to day you’re faced with color palettes in pinterest or tumblr that i will fall in love to and then there is opportunity to apply them to my pieces.Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.04.29 PM

What is you favorite Sneaker Brand and favorite Sneaker?

My favorite Sneaker brand are Vans, I can say Nike are myfavorite classic Sneaker, also New Balance and Asics have very good colorways silhouettes. I always try to have what I feel most comfortable or those with a cool color or pattern.


What are your favorite creative tools?

I feel very comfortable when I use the Pentel Pocket Brush, I tried it for the challenge INKtober it was my basic tool to trace inks.


What has been your favorite project in terms of sneakers? What led you to create this work?


No doubt this One: Sneaker Fever 2015




This project poster for the event in Mexico sneakers: Sneaker Fever. Working closely with good friends at KILO agency and getting the idea from 0 has become the most amazing experience. From working on an idea about sneaker and to be part of an Expo such as the Sneaker Fever it was amazing. To also work with my friend Zhompi that createdthe lettering “Strikes Again” Besides the challenge of the short time to make it was satisfactory. I hope soon to do a similar project.

Puras Patadas “Pure kicks” I can not let it go:d9d38032172391.5671db23352d5

Here was is a personal project that pleased me, every week I was working on a new or classic model and gave it a different style, I put more staff trying to put aside the brand and gave more weight to form.  There should always be room to take those ideas that you have in your head though even if it is not for commission. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today.

Do you have any final words for our readers?

Thanks to WorldKickz for the note,

Greetings from Mexico,



Thank you Totoi we enjoy your work, for all of our readers we recommend to checkout this artist pages: