Featured Artist Today MIGHTY SHORT
coverHi MIGHY SHORT, thank you for taking your time to chat with WorldKickz today.

Please tell us a bit about your background? Where are you from? What made you choose graphic design and illustration as a career??

I grew up in France, in a small village close to Saint-Brieuc city. After starting as Freelance graphic designer and Illustrator in France I have move to US in 2014 and worked SoupGraphix Inc. Now I’am graphic designer and Illustrator at Lincoln Design Co. (Portland). I have always drawn a lot since I was a kid. When I turned 17  entered a High School that taught Graphic Design I had to pass an entry contest, I entered stayed learning for 4 years understanding softwares like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and matter like history of art.


What inspires you to make designs with sneakers as theme?

A lot of things inspire me, music, sports, etc. Sometimes clients bring me briefs asking to illustrate sneakers in these cases I have no other choice but to design sneakers.


What is you favorite Sneaker Brand and favorite Sneaker?

For me Nike is the best brand, they always inove and purpose new vision. I’m in love with the Lebron thirteen, the design is very futuristic and modern. I got Kobe VII poison darts, air court challenge II “hot lava” the ones weared by Andre Abassy, Air force one, Nike court force, Air Alpha force an d so on, some pairs I use to play BasketBall. Reebok too, they did some nice Bball pairs in the past. I’m glad they make some reissues like the Shaqnosis, The Kemp “Kamikaze, Fila Gant Hill, Kevin Johnson, and the Fila “Bubbles”.

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What are your favorite creative tools?

I like doing vectors with Illustrator when I want somethings clean and cut, I like to use pen and paper too, the feeling is much better than on computer. I am starting to work with Manga Studio actually, combining with the Wacom cintiq I obtain a feeling similar to pencil and paper.

6How long can it take you to create a sneaker illustration?

Varies, I can spend 30 hours on some detailed ones and only some hours on something simple, there are no specific rules.


Thank you MIGHTY SHORT for your time your work is amazing, for all of our readers we recommend to checkout this artist pages: