Today’s featured artist is Cloakwork

hypeHello Cloakwork thank you for taking your time for a little Q&A with WorldKickz, to start please us a bit about your background?

Hello, my name is Cloakwork, a graffiti artist, illustrator as well as a time traveller. Based in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. I have always been a rebel as a child, against all the mainstreams. During my student life as an illustrator, I think it would be awesome to do something extraordinary out of the ordinary life.

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What inspires you to make designs with sneakers as theme?

I’ve always like street culture and fashion, I guess it inspire me a lot to create any artworks.

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What is you favorite Sneaker Brand and favorite Sneaker?

I am currently don’t have a favourite brand, I’ll keep trying new sneakers from time to time to see their comfort level.

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What are your favorite creative tool?

Spray paints, Acrylics, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.



Your work on “Sneaker Box Art” is very interesting. What inspired you to create this artwork? What tools where used? 

It was back then, I sold off my favourite pair of shoes but I forgot to give the buyer the box. As a reminder, I decided to paint the AirJordan 1 Chicago on the box. Also, it is not a stencil but a painting or a portrait of what I once had.  40964b_c9ed437fec9f40fbbb15fadeb7147c5b40964b_cdaa3eda85dc428dabf23178abee012b


Again a special thanks to Cloakwork please checkout his work :