Hello Andrés, thank you for taking your time to chat with WorldKickz today.letter_hi    Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where are you from? What made you choose graphic design and illustration as a career?

I was born and raised in Madrid, but my father comes from Chile and my mother is Andalusian, from south Spain. Is a strange mix but here I am! Well, when I was at school I spent more time drawing on my books than highlighting them, and also, this drawing thing has always helped me to flirt or hang out with girls, so i keep focus on it. When I was a child, my friends and I where so excited with hip hop (and everything around it) We spent hours at our hood watching the older ones painting graffiti, until the day we started to do the same. I don’t consider myself as a graffiti artist, but I have to admit that this culture has always influenced me. That is how I started with the lettering world. If you add this fact and the craziness we had around 90’s sports brands, you got it! I need to do that!cartel_def_rgb

Your Artwork “DASHAPE” is amazing what inspired you to Create it? What tools where used? How long did it take you to create this work?

Deeply thanks! Dashape is the most important sneaker event in my country, I’ve known the founders, Jace and Reyes, for a long time. Since the first time they offered me the opportunity of being part of the team, lots of ideas just came up.

These kind of events finally becomes a museum, sometimes you don’t even buy a thing, but spend your time staring at those you drip saliva for. So the main idea was to transmit that feeling, sneakers as a piece of art, mostly as a cult. I finally got the idea of creating a sneaker sculpture and people around staring at it, like a Renaissance museum. As all my creative processes, first of all I sketch with pencil, it is a way of disconnecting with the technology and I think that sketching by hand activates the brain the way a computer doesn’t. I start to digitize the idea when I have a clear and concrete concept and composition. In this case, I just used Illustrator.


Do you have a favorite Sneaker Brand or Sneaker?

Wow, this is the million dollar question. I don’t have a favorite brand, instead I have favorite model/silhouette. Obviously, when I was a kid Nike made us dream (run and fight, because at that moment the bad boys wanted your sneakers too) but not just because the sneaker, all the marketing around nike in 90´s was amazing. If I have to be honest, I’ve got mostly Am1 and Gel V, but in these days adidas is making really good stuff.theog


What are your favorite creative tools?

Being at the streets and getting inspiration from real life, real things that happens around me. Have fun with what I do and feeling proud of my work. These are my favorite tools. Everything else it’s just a way to get to the final result.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. Have any final words for our readers?

Yes of course! I recommend them to come and visit Madrid, to enjoy our beers, our food and for what Spain is best known, partying 24/7 hahaha, and if you have time enough check the Gernika and the Sauras´s piece in Reina Sofia Museum!

It’s been a pleasure, thanks for your interest. you&me3logo_coffe&kicks

 A Special thanks to Andrés Momó we have enjoyed  your work very much, for all of our readers we recommend to checkout this artist pages: