Aubrey “Drake” Graham, known as rapper Drake, has worked his way up to the top. With lyrics to his songs such as “Started from the bottom now we here”, becoming regular known phrases that even parents use. Drake has won the hearts of mainstream-music listeners, as all three of his studio albums reached platinum status fast selling over 2 million copies in the US alone.

Drake’s album in 2011, “Take Care” sold 4.6 million copies worldwide, in 2013 “Nothing Was The Same” sold more than 7 million copies, his mixtape early this year “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” produced record numbers and went platinum over night. This month, he was featured in Meek Mill’s song “R.I.C.O” which became huge, and continues to stay on social media networks with the numerous memes people have created of him.

In addition, he has a habit of helping those unknown artists, become recognized. For instance, all three artists, “PartyNextDoor”, “Migos, and “Ilovemakonnen” were artists not recognized, until they collaborated with Drake, and their songs have reached Billboard Hot 100 rankings. Many people are eager to know whats next for Drake, and he continues to hold that anticipation of his fans, with his newest album “Views From the 6” which is supposed to be released on Apple Music’s steaming platform sometime soon.

Look out for his album release date. Still unknown.

{Via Business Insider}