People are continually harassed, usually playfully, over having a lame pair of sneakers, but sometimes that bullying can turn into something serious.

According to the Star-Telegram, Adam Flowers, 9, of Macon, Ga., was bullied by teenagers for days about his torn-up shoes, his grandmother, Carolyn Taylor, said. Flowers had been wearing a pair of tennis shoes that had its sole separating, a pair that he had owned for 2 years.

Flowers was taunted with chants of “What are those?” and was being picked on because of his old sneakers. The bullying hits its climax when a 16-year-old girl put Flowers in a headlock in front of the apartment he lives in with his grandmother. Taylor saw the altercation and called the police.

Responding officer Trinicholas Carswell made a visit to the teen’s home to talk to her parents about her actions. Carswell later came back to Flower’s apartment where he asked Flowers his shoe size.

[via complex]

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