Converse’s brand new headquarters on Boston’s Lovejoy Wharf is now open for business. The 10-story, 214,000-square-foot building that the All-Star brand now calls home features a Converse Rubber Tracks recording studio, a company gym, a shoe chandelier consisting of 170 pairs of Chuck Taylors and a flagship retail store on the ground floor.

According to BostInno, the new Converse headquarters focuses less on cubicles and offices and more on open workspaces. This aversion to cubicles relates back to Converse parent company Nike Inc., which wants to be better at attracting younger employees by ditching traditional office layouts.

The new Converse headquarters is located at 160 North Washington St. in Boston.


converse-headquarters-04 converse-headquarters-02 converse-headquarters-03
[via SC]