In anticipation of the Pan Am Games, which is a major sporting event featuring Summer sports, in which thousands of athletes participate, there will be performances such as Pitbull, and Serena Ryder but lets not forget Kayne West. Kayne West will be performing July 26, in Toronto and is set to close the games. However, many aren’t happy about this. In fact, an online petition has picked up coverage showing resistance to Kanye West performing at the Pan Am Games. Many want to replace him with a Canadian artist.  The online petition has picked up about 40,000 people on and on Twitter that are unwilling to embrace Yeezy’s music. Kayne West actually responded explaining that the petition was ” an insult to music fans”. This has been frustrating as you may assume, for the Pan Am Games organizers, corporate sponsors, and the city’s mayor.

According to Complex, Kayne West is still set to perform, and the event will stream online and on outdoor screens of Toronto. Check out the tweets on Twitter below from Mark Daye, The Deputy Leader of the Ontario Green Party, and others outraged. Stay tuned for more details.