Ken Solomon an amazing Brooklyn artist who has been in many exhibits who presented many collections of his throughout the world, has just blessed the Brooklyn Museum with his artwork. Brooklyn Museum had launched an Exhibit called “The rise of sneaker culture” which had many artists display their works of art, but Ken Solomon had caught our eyes with his realistic, well detailed series of sneakers drawn so perfect that it just looks like i can grab it and put them right on.

(Check images below)

He has prints available which obviously are limited edition with full color, archival ink on fine rag paper with matte finish. All prints come mounted on 1/3” archival Art Board mounting panels. All prints comes in editions of 30 with two artists proofs, signed and numbered by the artist on the bottom right. All prints are 12.5” x 17.5” and include a certificate of authenticity. So to purchase a print click here and also check his other artworks on his site or on his Instagram @ KMSKMS135  you will not be disappointed.

If you are in town you can most definitely head to the Brooklyn museum and hit a tour of the gallery and be amazed at Ken Solomon’s art work in person and many more.


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