When it comes to martial arts in films, there is perhaps none other more iconic than Bruce Lee. Last week on November 27, four official parties to celebrate the late actor’s 75th birthday were hosted by BAIT and Onitsuka Tiger in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The events also served as the release parties for the BAIT x Onitsuka Tiger x Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary footwear collection. The affairs were both inspiring and sentimental as family portraits and action photos of Bruce Lee were displayed on the walls, through a water fall projector, and television screen. In addition, statues and collectibles in Lee’s likeness were on display to pay homage to the historic yellow jumpsuit-clad star.

A highlight of the event was also an incomparable live performance by KINJAZ, esteemed dance crew and former contestants of ABDC America’s Best Dance Crew. To add to the festivities, Grime artist Kano was in attendance signing limited edition Dragon King figures. You can check out the official BAIT x Bruce Lee x KINJAZ dance video below, in which you can see the collaborative collection’s eye-catching sneakers: the Colorado Eighty-Five “Legend” and the Corsair “Jeet Kune Do.” If you’re looking to cop a pair of these sneakers online though, you’re out of luck – all web units are officially sold out. You can, however, still purchase them at BAIT retail locations in-store and by phone order. You can head over to the brand’s online store for more information.

[via hypebeast]

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