When you’re Anthony Davis, you get a lot of Nikes for free. Maybe too many – Davis has labeled the horde above as extras and is giving them all away on social media.

He announced the giveaway on Twitter , promising to let go of one pair for every day in October.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.10.50 AM

There’s a bit of a catch here though: if the sneakers he’s so generously giving away are indeed the ones in the photo, they’re all size 17. The number of readers out there with a size 17 foot has to be relatively small, but it’s safe to say everyone else would appreciate a free pair of sneakers from Davis regardless. There’s no word on what’s in the boxes, but something from the Hyperposite line seems likely (or maybe a pair of the Air Max Audacity that he’s been wearing lately.

Keep an eye on Davis’ Twitter to see how he decides to dole them out.

[via solecollector]