Sneaker artists worldwide have officially been put on notice with this one.

NYC-based artist CJ Hendry, the person responsible for dipping Nike Mags and Yeezy Boost 350s in black paint, recently invited the Stadium Goods crew over to her studio to check out what she’s been working on, and let’s just say she exceeded even our wildest expectations.

The drawings you see here were conceptualized and created by Hendry in just ten days, but it’s her medium that will really floor you. After coating the Mags in paint and photographing them, she proceeded to draw the dipped kicks with nothing but pen. You read that correctly — all she used for the entire piece was pen.

Just wanted to point out that when I choose an object to sketch I don’t work with that brand, I buy the product and showcase it my own way,” Hendry wrote on Instagram. “I am more focused on creating insane visual experiences at shows and selling one off originals. I didn’t get into this to be bossed around by brands and flood you with advertising, I just draw cool shit.”

It looks like she’s got both the “insane visual experiences” and “cool shit” fully covered with this project. Check out Hendry’s Instagram for more dopeness.

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