Tom Yoo ain’t playing with the lego designs , he is killing it. Reason why, is that he is trying to get 10k votes on the Lego ideas website which they will produce his design for sale as a set. His first design he released on his Instagram shows the Jordan 11 “Concords” and started dropping more designs like the “Spacejams” and the Oregon Ducks 5s. Make sure to check out the gallery and view his Lego designs and also check out one of my favorite shoes, the Jordan “Fire red” 5’s that he just released today. I know everyone and their mother is hoping the sets drop and maybe you can cop a pair of Lego “Bred” 11’s if you cant cop the lowtops bred’s dropping out tomorrow.

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11351888_977451215638574_891318543_n 11313445_1644948925726229_1858099956_n 11272878_358060461056729_1515792427_n  [via tomyoo23]