Adidas x Spotify

A brand new app for iPhone users adidas has partnered up with spotify to release the first running app Looking to further strengthen its ties to the running community, adidas has partnered with Spotify to launch its brand new running app that uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to instantly match a runner’s favorite tracks of music to their workout, adidas go calculates the user’s stride rate to automatically identify and play tracks with matching beats per minute from Spotify’s massive music.

This is absolutley amazing for the running world and create a running experience, that will allow runners to explore new music while they are always running and by streaming spotify tracks that match the runners desire.Also the app will have the option of reviewing and saving their stats and of course the music, were they can share their results on social media such as Facebook,Instagram,Twitter.

Exclusive to iOS only, the adidas go app will be available for download, at the Apple App Store.