Adidas has released some of the most popular sneakers of 2015, and as a result, more and more fakes are starting to float around. While counterfeit sneakers aren’t necessarily a new thing, adidas is looking to take some serious legal action against 285 websites that sell fakes. According to the the Portland Business Journal, adidas has filed a lawsuit in Florida that requests help from a federal judge to shut down the counterfeit websites.

As expected, websites focusing on Kanye West’s adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers are included in the claim. “In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Florida, Adidas five other corporate entities, including Portland-based Adidas American Inc., say 285 websites, with names such as and, are illegally selling counterfeit goods,” reports the Portland Business Journal. It appears that part of the reason that adidas has taken this to the federal court is because it is hard to track down who owns these websites. Hopefully this helps put a stop to some of the terrible looking fake Yeezy Boosts that people are buying.

[via complex]