Last month, adidas announced an absolute game changer with Futurecraft 3D, a new manufacturing process that will allow the brand to create sneaker components with 3D-printing. Now, it looks like the next chapter of Futurecraft has arrived in the form of adidas’ most famous sneaker.

The brand took to Twitter today to unleash a series of images that show a 3D-printer etching out the upper of the Superstar silhouette including its Three Stripes branding and iconic shell toe.

“A timeless icon built for the future, by the future. Stay tuned,” adidas wrote, leaving room for interpretation as to what exactly it has planned next.

Thus far, we’ve only seen Futurecraft applied to an Ultra Boost-esque running sneaker, and an adidas exec admitted that it’s going to be awhile before it’s used on retail product. Still, it looks like adidas is hard at work to make this futuristic tech come to life, so we wouldn’t be shocked if we hear more developments ahead of the anticipated Summer 2016 launch.

[via complex]

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