If you thought the 2016 Nike Air Presto lineup was strong based on what we’ve already previewed, just wait until you see what else Nike Sportswear has on deck this year.

This latest batch of images shows a total of 32 new Air Presto colorways — yup, you read that correctly, 32. There’s a few colorful make ups of the O.G. stretch mesh build, new Essential colorways, the return of the woven Presto uppers for the first time since 2001, and an array of trippy printed GPX colorways that are sure to shine come summertime.

There’s no release info yet for the wide range of styles seen here, but rest assured that they’ll all be dropping before the year’s end. Take a look at what you can expect below, but scroll slowly, because you definitely don’t want to miss any of these.

[via complex]

nike-air-presto-slate-blue_o1b1sn nike-air-presto-woven-navy_o1b5cd nike-air-presto-white_o1b27p nike-air-presto-grey-woven_o1b1ua nike-air-presto-print-4_o1b1vj nike-air-presto-print-10_o1b1x7 nike-air-presto-sherbet_o1b1tp nike-air-presto-print_o1b1uo nike-air-presto-print-13_o1b1xz nike-air-presto-print-12_o1b1xn nike-air-presto-print-9_o1b1x0 nike-air-presto-olive-woven_o1b1uh nike-air-presto-print-14_o1b1y7 nike-air-presto-mango_o1b1r2 nike-air-presto-black-white_o1b289 nike-air-presto-print-2_o1b1v1 nike-air-presto-blue_o1b1st nike-air-presto-black-teal_o1b1ql nike-air-presto-pink_o1b1td nike-air-presto-light-green_o1b1rw nike-air-presto-print-11_o1b1xg nike-air-presto-lime_o1b1tk nike-air-presto-violet_o1b1t6 nike-air-presto-off-white_o1b1ro nike-air-presto-royal_o1b1qv nike-air-presto-print-8_o1b1wp nike-air-presto-woven-olive_o1b5c6 nike-air-presto-print-5_o1b1vv nike-air-presto-print-7_o1b1wg nike-air-presto-print-3_o1b1v9 nike-air-presto-print-6_o1b1w6nike-air-presto-black-woven_copy_e1geao