Sneakerheads, as you know come in all shapes and sizes, and now, even ages. This 89-year-old Sneakerhead known as Evelyn Williams is a huge LeBron James fan, and for the celebration of her birthday, all she wanted were LeBron shoes. Evelyn even explained she watched every Cavaliers game on TV and has been a fan of Lebron James since his rookie year with Cleveland and his jump to Miami. Evelyn in the video below, is surrounded by LeBron-related merchandise and shows off her “Fourth of July” Nike LeBron 12s.

Yet another satisfied sneakerhead, who speaks highly of her love for the shoe and her love for LeBron. Evelyn says “I’d love to meet LeBron, or get a hug from him, and I’d like to shake his hand and see that smiling face”. This is definitely the world’s coolest grandmother out there. {Via Complex and Fox8}

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.21.44 PM

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