There has been a few images out of the rare UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 being processed and ready to ship out. Thing is that these are knockoffs in their production stage, complete with whole boxes full of fake pairs packaged up. So if you re a real sneaker head don’t get fooled because there are only 72 pairs out in the world.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.04.46 PM

So these 500 fugazi pairs getting ready to hit the black market so to everyone out there be careful. Also according to Campless the UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 they are worth $30,000 so if you run up on a pair and got the money make sure you legit check it so you don’t get one of these fakes.


fake-air-jordan-4-undftd-06 fake-air-jordan-4-undftd-09.PNG